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Improve My World We are like snowflakes.

We are like snowflakes.

Posted on: 14th December 2021

We are like snowflakes. Intricate, beautiful, different in a unique way and inextricably connected. If it gets too hot, we all melt. If too cold we turn to undifferentiated blocks of ice. We cannot disassociate ourselves from our environment.

The greatest mistake humanity makes is to think that we are separate; that we can somehow exist and thrive independently. When we think this way, we become selfish and divisive, creating divisions where there should be none, blaming others at the first opportunity, doing anything to ‘survive!’

Yet humanity’s survival depends on reversing this thinking and raising our level of consciousness by accepting what is so obvious: that together we stand and divided we fall! We are all connected and we are all One!

Show me a wave that’s separate from the ocean and I’ll show you a human that’s separate from the Universe!

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