Two Most Important Days

Mark Twain refers here to the importance of having a Purpose and adding meaning to life. If we have no purpose, we have no direction.

22nd August 2018

I’m Not Impressed By Money

If we want to understand what another person is really like, in their heart, consider how they treat their fellow human being.

8th August 2018

Being One With Life

We spend so much time ‘doing’ that we have no time for Being. Being in the Now allows us to ‘let go’ of the baggage of our wants and fears and connect, consciously, with the immensity and Light of the Universe of which we are part.

20th July 2018

What you think, you become, what you feel, you attract, what you imagine, you create

Our MIND is everything. We are what we think. Our present thoughts determine our future just as our previous thoughts are the reason we are who and where we are today.

10th June 2018

The meaning of life is to connect back to God, the Light.

We became disconnected many centuries ago; there have been wriFngs and theories about this moment in human history, in the stories of the Garden of Eden and the Fall of Man.

28th May 2018

An unfair comparison?

Comparing 'Love Island' with 'My Family and the Galapagos'. An unfair comparison?

16th May 2018

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