Be the hero in your own journey!

7th October 2021

This is a wonderful message posted by my co-author and co-founder of, Katey Lockwood!
‘Be the hero in your own journey!
Can we ever know the truth, what is really going on? Whilst we watch Bond admiring from afar are we realising the uncanny parallel of the truth that Bond represents a real symbolism for our times that we are facing right now and the important part we all have to play in it? At its deepest level, it carries a very profound spiritual and psychological message. In the film we see villains act as Jungian archetypes, that make visible in human form the mystery of evil. We also see goodness in the form of Bond and his quest to conquer evil.
Whether the threat is nuclear annihilation, a deadly virus or terrorism, are we simply waiting in anticipation for Bond or another saviour to restore order in this troubled and turbulent world to save us? Here is the VITAL message. We have been conditioned to look externally for a saviour, whether it’s Bond, superman, superwoman or even Jesus but in fact, the real hero’s journey doesn’t come dressed in a tuxedo, a cloak or a cape. It is actually you! When we look within and go on our own hero’s journey we realise we are our own hero fighting our own challenges, limiting beliefs and finding our own resilience in the face of real-life adversities. Evil only exists if we allow it to. Darkness can’t exist when light is shone upon it. We can no longer look for someone to save us, we must set on our own journey, take our power back, save ourselves and restore order to our beautiful planet. The universe is unfolding as it should however we all have an important part to play. This is the message of all heroic films and it is also the message of our book THE WAY; FINDING PEACE IN TURBULENT TIMES. Set on your own path, find your own way. Be your own saviour. Justice is coming.
The light ALWAYS wins🌟 ❤️🙏

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