There is a belief that, if only we could actively stop the incessant flow of thoughts coursing through our mind, we would be at peace. Some think that this is the purpose of meditation or yoga.

But we cannot ‘force’ our mind to be silent. That is like telling a child to ‘be spontaneous.’ Or to ‘go to sleep’.

29th June 2021

I am always amazed and horrified at what these humans do. It would be a source of infinite amusement were it not so terribly serious.

Even though they have everything, they seem utterly determined to destroy their beautiful world, their miracle of a planet, the clean air they breathe, the pure water they drink, the food they eat...and each other...with us, the animal world and the flora and fauna in the process.

27th June 2021

Lao Tzu says: ‘I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. Be simple in your actions and thoughts. Be patient with friends and enemies. Be compassionate towards yourself.’

Everything happens in its own time. Forcing things unnaturally just destroys them. Patience is an expression of love. It accepts people for who they are. It allows them to grow into their wings. In their own beautiful time...

22nd June 2021

There is no way to explain or intellectualise what true happiness is. It is Absolute, has no opposite and is beyond compare.

Words are too clumsy and totally inadequate to begin to express this wonderful sensation that can only be experienced...

12th June 2021

This little person has it all right.

She is not ‘against’ anything! She is simply telling a profound truth: that we are all one!

5th June 2021

Erik Aubry made this sculpture, entitled La Main (The Hand), to exhibit at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris.

When he made the cast (actually used his own hand as a model) he had the idea of modelling a woman inside and integrating it. He didn't want to make a hand that catches or holds, but a hand that releases.

29th May 2021

Dolphins, like whales and like humans, are mammals. They breathe air, have warm blood and nurse their young.

Around 50 million years ago they were four-footed land animals sharing a common ancestry with hippos and deer.

25th May 2021

Look with awe at the miracle of life and the extraordinary beauty of nature, without naming, without judging, without comparing, without labelling.

Just observe and slowly breathe in its invigorating and intoxicating essence, and maybe, you may suddenly become overwhelmed with a deep feeling of connection, an ‘oceanic’ sense of oneness. Don’t try to find it. You cannot. It will find you when you are ready to receive it.

10th May 2021

It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week this week.

These beautiful and gentle creatures have no useful fight or flight response as such; they just curl up into a little ball when sensing danger. So when crossing a road and hearing a car coming, instead of running off, they curl up!

4th May 2021

Cooperation and kindness go very well together, whatever the circumstances.

Life is so much more enjoyable when the connections we have with nature, with each other and with the universe are allowed to happen, spontaneously, creatively and with a sense of humour and fun.

29th April 2021

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