It is very difficult to comprehend the unspeakable, merciless, deliberate brutality of Putin’s war against a peaceful, freedom-seeking Ukraine that poses no threat to Russia.

This is the satellite image of the bombed remains of Mariupol Drama Theatre, a shelter for homeless victims, ‘CHILDREN’ written outside so clearly that it's visible from space. And still, it was bombed.

21st March 2022

‘Excuse me, Sir. Where is the train to a better world?’

Such a fair question at a time of immense turbulence and one doubtless being asked by many people.

17th March 2022

Check out this important image and what it portrays!

Enlightened Leadership: Lessons from the front!

8th March 2022

We pray for the brave people of Ukraine who are fighting for their freedom.

It is so ironic that it has taken such a pointless, bloody and criminal massacre of innocent people to:

5th March 2022

What has happened in the world over the past three years, including Covid and the devastating crimes against humanity in Ukraine, was entirely predictable. It all just happened sooner than expected!

If you want to understand the real, underlying reasons why this is happening and what we must do to resolve it, please read: The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times - (All proceeds this year will go to charities providing humanitarian aim to Ukraine)

4th March 2022

Long live Ukraine!

It is truly appalling to see such dreadful devastation of a beautiful country, of its outstanding cities and of its amazingly courageous, devoted and passionate people. They are fighting and dying for their freedom and for ours too.

2nd March 2022

Can you really be supporting such a war?

Targeting and killing of innocent civilians, women and children, with bombs outlawed by international law. Systematic destruction of Ukraine. Missile bombing of Holocaust Memorial, public buildings, flats and homes in Kyiv and all cities. And all because Ukrainians, who pose no threat to Russia or anyone else, want their freedom, something that is intolerable to a mad, totalitarian tyrant.

1st March 2022

These children are our children too! All they want is the right to live in peace and freedom.

Wanting to kill these innocent people, destroy their lives, let alone their hopes and dreams is a crime against humanity, perpetrated by a war criminal who has opted out of humanity to pursue his own murderous, egotistic fantasy.

28th February 2022

He could be my grandson. He could be your son.

He is a Ukrainian boy, whose home has been completely destroyed and his parents seriously wounded. He is utterly innocent as are the people of Ukraine, who want freedom from tyranny and the right to self-determination and peace!

27th February 2022

Our hearts go out to the immensely brave and totally innocent people of Ukraine who are defending their homes, their families, their lives and their freedom.

In the face of the tyrannical and brutal forces of evil, they are responding with courage and resilience. They deserve all the help we can provide, we who profess to love freedom and peace. The crimes against them are unjustified and horrible. They are truly crimes against humanity itself!

26th February 2022

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