A day at the farm.

31st October 2021

A day at the farm. Feeding the animals, enjoying the antics of the piglets, chuckling at the pecking order of the chickens, riding on the tractor-trailer, selecting and carving a pumpkin…No phones, no gadgets, no piped music, no electronic games…no stress…no anxiety…Just returning to nature and reconnecting to a primordial spiritual need.

We seem today, to have, like Faust, sold our Souls to the Devil/the Ego/Mephistopheles. Although we’re constantly complaining and moaning and feeling unloved and taken advantage of, we have everything money can buy, every distraction, every treatment, every physical pleasure, every ‘thing’ imaginable…and at what cost?

If we have lost our Souls for these many pleasures, we have lost life itself…

Science and technology bring us all manner of new possibilities with their capacity for doing immense good…or immense harm!

Only if we have, or reclaim, our Soul and raise our level of consciousness will we ever be able to harness these extraordinary powers and make them work for the good of future generations and mankind. Understanding this and learning how to transform from the inside is the message of The Way…

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