We have a sacred connection to nature because we are nature and cannot exist without it, physically, mentally, morally or spiritually.

A few years ago my family and I went to Africa. The trip was organised by a university friend, Jake, who had spent many years in Kenya, and was passionate about protecting its amazing environment and beautiful culture.

11th November 2021

Diwali is a time for feasts, celebrations, prayers and fireworks and is one of the most important and colourful festivals in India.

It is known as the festival of lights because candles, oil lamps and lights of all sorts are lit to symbolise the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

4th November 2021

We create our own reality, every single day.

The world we experience is simply a reflection of what our mind sees, or rather, thinks it sees.

3rd November 2021

A word about Stress, Wellness, Separateness and Leadership…

Fundamentally changing the way we perceive the world in order to find peace in turbulent times...

2nd November 2021

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