We all want safety and security and will do almost anything for it.

But ‘craving’ for something that cannot exist, except for a short while at best, is a futile recipe for anxiety and stress.

29th January 2021

If we want to feel better, instantly, all we have to do is to be kind or caring to another living creature.

We are all connected. We all feel pain and happiness. The beauty we see in another is a reflection of our own...

25th January 2021

Who knows what the future holds or on what number the dice will land?

Life, as we see it so graphically today, is impermanent and constantly changing. That’s how it is.

22nd January 2021

Kindness, compassion and gentleness can be shown at any time.

Caring for others and for all who share our planet is what makes us human as well as divine. This is our true nature...

20th January 2021

Because humans have developed the capacity to think, focus and analyse, we are able to anticipate, predict and plan.

This is a fabulous skill that often serves us well and protects us. Only it has within it many dangers.

16th January 2021

Because we feel ‘separate’ from everything, in a body whose boundaries are determined by our skin, we also feel vulnerable and alone, living in an alien and essentially inimical world.

This feeling compels us to be ‘selfish’ in the sense of the survival of the fittest. After all, we assume, if we don’t look after ourselves, who will?

13th January 2021

In these turbulent times, when it is often so difficult to make sense of what’s happening, it’s all too easy to look for scapegoats, to try to put the blame on others, making ourselves feel blameless.

We put ‘labels’ - left, right, this ‘isnm’, that ‘isnm’, this ‘doctrine’, that ‘doctrine’ - on anything and everything in our desperate search for answers to these problems.

9th January 2021

Our friend MS posted this picture and marvelled at its beauty.

This tiny, incredibly alluring, brightly shining spec, in the immensity of an infinite universe, is our garden of Eden. It is our home along with all other life forms.

7th January 2021

We are living in a beautiful world. But it’s rather hazy and colourless at the moment.

The river of life seems very static. And our boat is not seaworthy nor its mooring fit for purpose.

6th January 2021

Life is a dance. It’s never still. It’s always in flux.

The past and the future are embodied in its essential aliveness, yet it only happens in the present moment.

5th January 2021

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