Stop trying to calm the storm. Calm yourself. The storm will pass.

Of course, when the storms hit, as they are doing today, we have to protect those we love and ourselves as a priority. At the same time, we have to realise that most of the storms today are the result of our own past selfishness and behaviour.

Vernon Sankey
14th October 2020

Nature is beautiful. Nature sustains us.

We are One with it just as we are one with the universe.

Vernon Sankey
13th October 2020

It begins with an act of kindness … and then it becomes a way of life.

Caring, helping, healing, guiding, without expecting or wanting in return, transcends ego and opens the door to the gentle and compassionate sanctuary of the soul. Free from any needs, free to be itself, this particle of love finds peace and serenity ...

Vernon Sankey
12th October 2020

We have a choice …

We have a choice, right now, to take the actions we need in order to manage and reverse the appalling effects of climate change, or to continue as we are and create a truly dreadful future for our children and theirs.

Vernon Sankey
11th October 2020

“Help” Said Pooh

We are living in troubled and troubling times. And we have to be very, very vigilant of protecting our freedoms in the face of the increased predisposition, apparently for our own protection, of ever more intrusive controls.

Vernon Sankey
9th October 2020

Mother earth is a living organism too love, honour and respect.

The universe is a gigantic energetic ecosystem in which everything is interrelated and interconnected. Buddhism describes this as the ‘doctrine of mutual interdependence’ and this idea is common to many philosophies, beliefs and religions going back thousands of years.

Vernon Sankey
8th October 2020

If it is destroyed, we too are destroyed!

When we see photos of our planet from space, it is difficult not to be filled with a deep feeling of awe and amazement at this outstandingly beautiful, fragile, bright, lonely gem that is truly a garden of Eden.

Vernon Sankey
6th October 2020

Life is impermanent: it is constantly changing. That is its nature. That is its excitement and its glory.

Because we have a powerful mind capable of analysing the past to ‘predict’ the future, and because our ego and life-long conditioning persuade us that we are ‘separate’ from everybody else, we crave certainty over our future and, as a result, seek to control everything by all means possible - people, relationships, nature, animals, plants, resources ... even space.

Vernon Sankey
3rd October 2020

How many more ‘wake up’ calls are needed before we start to change the way we think and act?

COVID 19 has woken us up to our interrelatedness, our greed and stupidity in wanting to buy the animal parts of endangered creatures, where destruction of animal habitats leads to closer proximity of animals to humans and the increased risk of viruses jumping from one species to another.

Vernon Sankey
1st October 2020

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