‘Renounce and Enjoy’

We mistake happiness as coming from outside: a new job, car, house, purchase, partner ...

Vernon Sankey
16th June 2020

Had Enough … Off To Granny’s!

Covid19 restrictions; self-isolation; social distancing; homeschooling; mum and dad doing their best but finding it hard to teach what they don’t understand; separation from friends; economic decline; violence in the streets; disharmony; death; is it any wonder that this little chap’s had enough and is going to granny’s?

Vernon Sankey
15th June 2020

Stay centered, stay safe, stay well, find your own peace…

It is easy and understandable that we may become anxious and fearful with the many storms that the world is facing right now. However, storms will always come...and they will also always go. That is life. That is what living entails.

Vernon Sankey
14th June 2020

RIP Tiapuyama (aka Antonio Salvador)

Tiapuyama (aka Antonio Salvador) died of Covid19 on April 30th. He was amongst the last of his Amazonian tribe, the Ocaina. Let us not waste his legacy and that of so many likeminded wise sages ...

Vernon Sankey
13th June 2020

We are all connected to each other, to nature and to all life.

Be gentle, be kind, be compassionate, be ‘clear’. That is the way to make changes for the better truly endure ...

Vernon Sankey
12th June 2020

We have a choice!

We can either continue to ignore the direction in which our conditioning is rapidly pushing us, believing we are separate and needing to struggle in an inimical world and thus fighting and jostling for power and control, in fear, anger and resentment.

Vernon Sankey
11th June 2020

We are all connected.

Through our connection to each other and to ‘universal intelligence’, we go beyond ego-derived self-absorption and find inner comfort.

Vernon Sankey
9th June 2020

It is all our responsibility to help cultivate this greater consciousness for the sake of the future of mankind … before it is too late …

We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves. - Galileo

Vernon Sankey
8th June 2020

The world appears according to our state of mind.

The world we are inhabiting now is a reflection of our own thoughts. We are responsible for all of it. It reflects our state of mind. So too our life and how we live it.

Vernon Sankey
7th June 2020

You are the whole thing and we are all connected.

Tatvamasi - A term that is used in Hindi and yoga philosophy usually translated as "I am that" or "Thou art that."

Vernon Sankey
5th June 2020

All life is precious!

All life is precious! All life is wondrous. Human life is transient, fragile and very short. Honour this amazing gift. Respect, love and serve humanity. Heal and help those in need. Raise consciousness. Live Life with passion...

Vernon Sankey
4th June 2020

It is time for us to change our thinking …

‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven...’ - Jesus of Nazareth

Vernon Sankey
3rd June 2020

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